Jul 14, 2012

Long gone

*fuhh fuhh* tiap habuk kat blog ni. Lama blog ni ditinggalkan kesepian. 6 months?!

blog: What have u been up to 'till u forget about me? 
me: ermm.. stuffs. i don't know... 
blog: Why suddenly u're here? After all this time u left me? me: I wanna tell u stuffs that's been going on. A lot has happened. 
me: Sebenarnya, I am so sad. My big bro is leaving tomorrow. For good. He graduated and going back to tanah air. I didn't notice that he's leaving. Didn't spend time well enough with him :'( ... Dah xde dah org yang will come and say, "hey,it's gonna be okay." Pat my back and smile. You've been a great brother. Thank you so much. 

 Okay. Bye.

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